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  • Annie
    Annie wrote:
    Hey there!! I'm Annie. I'm Chinese, 26-to-be and currently working in the US. 

    I'm planning a trip around Europe, Australia, south-east Asia and maybe more places next year in spring. I'm looking for an experienced traveler for a travelling partner or just a good adviser. Since I haven't had a trip that will last that long and will be such a long distance, I will need some advice and suggestions. 

    I will be back in Beijing before next year. I will quit the job here pretty soon. 

    Any ideas?? Anyone interested??? YOLO~~~ :)

    Here's my coachsurfing page: 
  • Dan
    Dan wrote:
    all i want to say is: really cool! wish i could join!

    good luck~
  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:
    no money...no time...

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