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    Dragon wrote:

    -ing forms


    When to use -ing

    The -ing form is used when the word is the subject of a sentence or clause:

    • Swimming is good exercise.
    • Doctors say that smoking is bad for you.

    The -ing form is used after a preposition:

    • I look forward to meeting you.
    • They left without saying "Goodbye."

    The -ing form is used after certain verbs:
    - avoid, dislike, enjoy, finish, give up, mind/not mind, practise

    • dislike getting up early.
    • Would you mind opening the window?
    We can use the -ing form of the verb:

    • as a noun:

    I love swimming.
    Swimming is very good for your health.
    You can get fit by swimming regularly.

    -ing nouns are nearly always uncount nouns

    • as an adjective:

    The main problem today is rising prices.
    That programme was really boring.
    He saw a woman lying on the floor.

    Because the -ing noun or adjective is formed from a verb it can have any of the patterns which follow a verb, for example:

    • ... an object:

    I like playing tennis.
    I saw a dog chasing a cat.

    • ... or an adverbial:

    You can earn a lot of money by working hard.
    There were several people waiting for the bus.

    • ... or a clause:

    I heard someone saying that.

    The -ing noun can be used:

    • as the subject of a verb:

    Learning English is not easy.

    • as the object of a verb:

    We enjoy learning English.

    Common verbs followed by an -ing object are:


    • as the object of a preposition

    Some people are not interested in learning English.

    The -ing adjective can come:

    • in front of a noun:

    I read an interesting article in the newspaper today.
    We saw a really exciting match on Sunday.

     The commonest –ing adjectives used in front of the noun are


    boringsurprising excitingterrifyingfrightening


    • after a noun:

    Who is that man standing over there?
    The boy talking to Angela is her younger brother.

    • and especially after verbs like seewatchhearsmell etc.

    heard someone playing the piano.
    I can smell something burning.

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    GAWD DAYUM. Was that original content, @Psyche?
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    Awww. No gwancheez for you.
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    aNalSir cannot into English.
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    OP acting liking a dicking.
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    High Priest wrote:
    Psycho is psychotically psychiatric since Dandoing 
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    Agree with Laolee,her English is much better than yours, you are the most stupid one.
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  • Sonja Lund
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    If you say "lingering" a hundred times it starts to sound funny.
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    What's Inger?
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    I see, said the blind man.
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    Bateman, you are in a bad mood.

    Put on some Huey Lewis and the News.

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