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  • loli
    loli wrote:
    Unfortunately my promise not to binge eat today did not work, yesterday i binged 2 times one at 4 pm another at midnight, today i was determined not to binge and start over a new page, fight the desire to over eat, i went shopping for food, but once i entered the store i could resist my brain urging me to over eat, i went to the closest fast food chain, ate 2 meals then bout 2 icecreams, snickers, and didnt buy any food for my home, as i intended to do inthe first place, i went home, then went out to a shop bought huge box of 650gr of icecream with 500 grm Muesli, ate it all then ate an entire box of tofu with cream, and now i feel so bad, i spent 3 hours eating non stop. i feel hopeless.

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