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  • oloo
    oloo wrote:
    Spring is on the way, good mood, nice weather, flowers, grass, and happy people.
    lets make a resolution , all of those who want to bring that inner force out and show themselves that they CAN! This thread is for any one who want to make his/her commitment to improvement public, because making public helps to commit to the promise you give, we can all share our achievements, stories and experiences here on this thread everyday before we go to sleep, giving advice, hope for each other. Every one tells us what his/her resolution is, and what they want to get. whether it is healthy food, lifestyle, relationships, life changes, decisions, anything is valid.
    Why wait till MArch 1st??? arent calendars just a way to measure time, and they are created by us, people, so We choose any day, at any time, and any moment. 
    Let it be February 27th

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