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  • oloo
    oloo wrote:
    oh my God, i can hear it... i can hear the silence, the wind, the birds, ,,,finally we can hear the people talk on the street, ..our dog can have some rest now,..and our children can sleep a long night sleep, ..finally i can have my evening nap, ,,,thank God, its looks like a miracle , i thought we would never make it through this period of time. I can talk to my wife without screaming now, and my vocal cords can rest. Eventually we are safe, at least no rockets might hit us in the head while walking on the street. ,,oh my, i may even no no longer use the ear plugs i bought a month ago in preparation for those days. Finally i can hear my inner voice, my thoughts inside my head. I am gald i can hear NOTHING, as nothing became everything.
  • Peter S 李贝勒
    This year, was really less than the others CNY that i lived... much more easy, i didn't suffer from the noise, i slept well. For me was really not hard. i think it just depends of where you live in Beijing. i even didn't use the ear plug, i bought.. Oloo, you maybe should travel at this period or "ban jia" to a more quiet location?
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    I spent yesterday hungover after a heartbreak-related drinking binge and nonetheless felt gratified to be awoken by FUCKING EXPLOSIONS.

    Then I went back to sleep using an ancient Chinese secret meditation technique reserved for foreign experts.

    Get on my level or GTFO.
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:
    I'm fairly central and it was quite quiet this year for me.

    I  guess they must have cracked down on the traditional complete and total mayhem.
  • Peter S 李贝勒
    what happened to you? why are you so angry?

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