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  • Haty
    Haty wrote:
    anyone want to raise a no owner pure white cat or can help it to find a good owner, welcome let me know ^^
    i dont know its age, but looks very young, maybe around 1-3 years old?
    its ear and leg is broken.
    my email:  iliketeachchinese@hotmail.com
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    If its ear and leg are broken, and you're not able to take care of it, the morally responsible and humane thing to do would be to have it euthanized. People who want to adopt cats are typically willing pay a small amount of money (probably less than what it'd cost to mend an ear and a leg) for a young and healthy critter not physically marred by injury or emotionally scarred by prior mistreatment. This may seem cynical, but in a country that has enough difficulty tending to the medical needs of its people, going out of one's way to do so for a stray animal seems just the teensy-weensy littlest bit fucked in the goddamned brain.

    But who am I talking to? A moronic innocent or an incompetent troll? Doesn't matter. I'm just here to note that cruelty to cats--intentionally or maliciously--is uniformly hated by all segments of the enlightened netizenry.

    Therefore, FUCK YOU OP.
  • Wahee
    Wahee wrote:

    OMG! @ person right above me: you hide your incompetence behind a long list of difficult words! That is so hilarious! Every single well-educated Brit would at all times avoid (and even, despise) such a pathetic display of dictionary English; so thanks for making such a fool out of yourself - you made my day! :-))) Anyway, you sound stupid - so really the only morally responsible and humane thing to do would be to have you euthanised.

    Personally I think its great that people look out for animals without owners Beijing. Keep up the good work, Haty! I don't live in Beijing anymore, but if I did I would've picked up the cat yesterday.

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    OMG ^^ you are right

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