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  • loli
    loli wrote:
    hi, i am bulimic, ..is there any professional help in beijing?
  • 随便叫兽
    Bulimia doesn't always involve vomiting. In fact, if OP purges herself by abusing diuretics or exercising excessively, a local mental health professional might just tell her to drink hot water and have a rest.

    I'm from the Internet. I'm here to help.
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    You don't say?
  • High Priest
    Try to eat enough breakfast, Not too much at lunch and dinner just eat some slight food like bread...
  • High Priest
    @Micky Finn, you are wrong, there are tons of people who have been helped here, some may not care, some do.

    @OP, Psycho is a Korean, she has been changing names time after time, I just hope she can change to Paranoid.

    I do think also that your case will have to go with a determination and resilience, combining these items to any medical attention u can have, it's gonna help. It's a hard time you are going through, but it's curable and u got to fight that temptation of eating.   
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    -1.2x10^31 Hinternet guangshes to the guy upstairs who thinks international dick measuring is a worthy scientific endeavor and the pony-spamming harpy who considers herself an expert on trolling because she knows what "loli" means. A clown could jam an industrial vacuum cleaner up your sandy shitcunts and still couldn't extract even a single mote of lulz.

    @OP, WLIB forum is not a good social network for seeking a support group, and I really doubt you'll find a suitable local one if you don't speak Chinese. Try thebeijinger, craigslist, and reddit.
  • Dominik
    Dominik wrote:
    ok, since nobody cares to help and just makes fun of you i am going to try my best to help you.

    have you been professionally diagnosed with bulimia back in your hometown? if so, there are alot of western hospitals around that might give advice or know western psychologists that reside in Beijing. It is going to be very expensive though,. Id rather consider going back home and getting treatment there unless you really have no other choice. Are you insured? Are you taking any meds?

    There are also help groups online that help with this kind of problem. It will be very difficult to get into behavioral therapy here in China, considering that you are not Chinese and as I understand do not speak Chinese yourself. It would be kind of pointless to see a Chinese psychologist/psychiatrist if you cannot really explain your problem and talk about it. You can get meds here for sure. I think though that you do not need that at this point. Bulimia after all is a form of personality disorder, so you need someone to talk. You could try maybe to find a foreign exchange student here in China who studies psychology, as you might now, lots of students come also to study political science and so, and are minors in psychology. If you could chat someone up maybe they can help you a bit.

    Btw. yeah people on these forums tend to be major douchebags, this is the internet afterall. Just ignore the fuck out of them and dont get baited by trolls.
  • Dominik
    Dominik wrote:
    reach out to friends and family.

    regarding China, depression and loneliness. I can just strongly advise you to make more friends here, Its not that hard. Most people feel the same way as you do, Chinese feel themselves feel that way. The reasons are quite simple, I for once live at the ass end of town so meeting people is extremely difficult. You want to make sure you got a circle of friends with which you can share talk and have a good time etc. Reach out to people instead of brooding in your place. It wont help.

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