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    SSSSSSSSSSS wrote:

    Everything is expensive in Australia such as a regular bottle of water being about 4 dollars in the supermarket, and the bus, train and tram tickets. The most expensive thing for me was the rent. On the other hand, the wage of an easy job is twice as much as that in Europe or America, however the salary of jobs which need a degree are the same.

    There were many young people come from Europe and America who are on a working holiday. The Most of the people I've met which were Germans who had just graduated from high school. Usually I hung out with them. We would go to the beach to get a tan, and sometimes we did snorkelling or surfing but I'm not good at swimming. In the At night, we always went to a bar. and Germans people usually pre-drink before they go to a bar, such as mixing vodka or gin with juice into a bottle. Once they got so drunk on the way to the bar, then we had to come back home! = =

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:
    So did have more fun there? U talked about water that is more expensive than other countries but u fell short to mention about a bottle of milk which is cheaper than that of water.

    So, where would you chose to work? China, Europe, US or Australia?
  • Rita Here
    Rita Here wrote:
    post some pics!

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