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    This is a Hijack

    Over the past 5 years, 老外s have consistently lost their value, respect and privileges among the Chinese communities. Now being referred to as “White trash”, “dog shit”, etc (sounds worse in Chinese). A trend fueled by the Chinese person’s consciousness of China’s increasing influence on the world stage and has a direct impact on the Sino-老外 social order. Examples of which “English Teacher” is commonly conceived by Chinese people as “loser”, and gone further deep in culture.

    Straight to the point: in order to unveil other variable forces contributing to this trend, we decided to do an 8 phase intensive research one of which focused on the ‘Sino-LaoWai social order’. Fragment of this research uncovered that in 4 years you 老外 asses have been responsible for an 87% increase in the arrogance and snobbishness of Chinese female towards foreign males mainly because foreign males are portrayed either as ‘easy to get’, or as a ‘desperate jerk’. They realize that if they don't come for you, you'll go for them and most of this realization plays out only here in the virtual world (websites).  They know that if they don't come for you, you'll go for them.... Seriously?

    In other to reduce the impact of this problem and further counter the Chinese social strategies, we the advanced LaoWais have created an orientation programme called “LaoWai Regulate”. Every LaoWai is expected to come under this code and operate within the rules. Otherwise the next generation of LaoWais will not get laid here.

    Join us at LaoWai Regulate, Play by the rules, Regain your Respect, and Get whatever you want without breaking a sweat or spending unreasonably. Be a real man once again.


    If you refuse to contribute towards restoring the social order. Fock you!

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