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    June wrote:

    What you get to do here:
    1.Provide exceptional support for our customers/players to help them resolve their issues via our support system
    2.Work with our QA teams to track player-reported bugs and get them fixed
    3.Act as a liaison between our customers and product management
    4.Help design new policies and systems to drive efficiency and scalability in support
    5.Contribute to the game event design
    6.Some localization work (we promise that's not boring words )

    What you bring to the role:
    1.Excellent written communication skills
    2.General technical proficiency (Windows, Office, and some other cool tool here.), We don't need exactly tech guru for this position, but it will be a plus if you are familiar with these tool
    3.A passion to help fellow gamers

    -Native speaker
    -Full-time job
    -Prefer live in Beijing

    Contact us:

    FunPlus is one of the fastest-growing game companies in the world. We
    are Top 1 Facebook game developer in Asia, and Everyday millions of
    people around the world play our games with their friends and family. We
    are deeply proud of this and motivated to create more fun games for

    Our founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley
    veterans, and we already have a superb team. We believe only GREAT
    people make GREAT things. People are always the most valuable asset to
    us. Sounds exciting? Check out the 5 reasons to work in FunPlus!

    - Riding the gaming wave and make huge impact.

    We are a gaming company, and this industry is rocking, not the other
    boring industry which waste your life. By riding the gaming wave,you
    will become a true expert or geek as you wish and get extremely unique
    experience here. You may have chance to help millions of user get better
    gaming experience, that's is not only a exciting things, it's also a
    motivation to push you to make better product. Please note what you
    done may have huge impact. You are not tying with a cold computer any
    more, You are embraced by a BIG world.

    - Working with awesome group of people, yes we are!

    Technical guru, product expert, game master, They are just one side.
    You may find they are band singers, soccer players, musician in another
    side. We believe it definitely help you get more useful stuff by
    learning from awesome people. also it's much easier to get things done
    when you are surrounded by bright people.

    - Be emotional , Be rational

    We need both, for gaming design, we need emotional design, for game
    analytics, we need to have rational mind. The innovation and data
    analysis drive us all the way.

    Plus, we provide more COOL stuff below

    - Amazing office, whole floor in the heart of Beijing, we have gaming
    lounge! Play station and Wii are waiting for you.
    - Zero distance to metro Line10 and Line 4, we are just above that.
    - Free breakfast, you don't need to worry about what to eat every
    morning. We server it in the office. We also provide lunch allowances
    - Flexible working hour.
    - Sports event and monthly union. We do have plenty of team building
    events to celebrate employee birthday and company achievement.
    - Employee motivation program, 2 chance per year for bonus and salary
    - Visa Assistance. We help handle the working visa issues. You could
    focus more on what you really like to do .

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