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  • Moi
    Moi wrote:
    it was 70's in tokyo,moms went to street for protesting for their children because the air then was horrible like nowadays peking. What has caused the bad air u even think about?according to cctv--- too many cars too much constracting,BUT,think about,70millions people live in peking(local+++++),how many houses they need in beijing,how many residences need to be heated in wintrtime?cars and constraction took just small part of the fog, the main problem is toooooooooo many people crowed in this small town! cannot breath is normal,will be weird if u can breath in beijing.

    what can we do?thats not the problem,it is a question to the big one. May local beijinger just behave to bully outcomers because they hv no idea who they can bleam,so,it tends to b2b issue... but,it is not,good or bad,depends on the management of the city,what they doing who can tell?r u killing us?look at the kids who went to hospital  of lungs problem,look at the olds,they can only stay in house all the time,ad,look at u,r u happy for making money under heavy dirty fog?

    what can we do to save beijing...kill houses,kill cars,stop constractions (thank u we don't need that). China dont hv to run after developed countries(in fect they are runing back to ancient now) ,we would rathe stay poor,we rather stay in past,clean and pure,no toxic food,not much rediation,no bad air, we would like to stay with ou family longer,to stay with our parent or love or child longer...who will be able to help BEIJING?
  • WeLiveInBeijingRess
    what u talking about? the sky here has its exact original color.......why kind of illusion u r having?
  • Jon erlend Nordby
    ja,like they say that if you cannot change others then change yourself,the movie of Mr Feng 《1942》?Henan people have moved because of hunger and war,now?everybody says the country getting stronger day by day somehow why hospitals r always stuffed in bj?and now i hv to consider to go into exile...no, if sb hv to leave,shouldn't be me, noway.

    fyi: "...kill houses,kill cars,stop constractions (thank u we don't need that)---Beijigrers dont need that lot of stupid constrauctions, like houses,big shopping malls,skyscrapers or so called or multinational office towers.

  • Yaprak
    Yaprak wrote:
  • Jon erlend Nordby
  • Yaprak
    Yaprak wrote:
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    Apocalypse Now - Target Location - Yourself - Beijing! Oh, I am sorry, I don't lead the Sky Net, the Ministry of Public Security Does. 
  • MPA茉茉
    MPA茉茉 wrote:
    if we believe that popullation is the key of solving the pollution problem, i m afraid the only way is killing ppl................Maybe there r more better ways,we know who have the biggest power in this empire city,its their responsiblities to find out how to keep the blue sky and teach us about it.
  • Jon erlend Nordby
    Lol yaprak 是天才
  • Jon erlend Nordby
    Doesn't mean young G r waking up,they often full themselves by freaky trends. School?the teachers hv never been taught good what can they teach?somehow the older G woke up,so they sent kids to overseas. to keep ur mind clear under" PM2.5" is not easy,u hv to be very careful that won't be full by media,whatever they talk,I see what I see.
  • Jon erlend Nordby
    Besides kill people(anyway people r already being killed by the air),solving the air problem may to build other beijings in other provinces,or clear-cut,move Beijing to anywhere else of china,voila.
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    Let's all live in tree-hutongs like Chinelves.
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    Dear @Moi, Did you feel that these two days are very good, less and less? Being positive mental, Look, whats all this blue and white stuffs hanging over BJ?
    Anyway i knew how you felt, and my 6th sense telling me the firework is gonna ruin the day.  
    Hhow can we do ? This is a big issue, this is a sensitive social problem. If the gov tells these people they don't have a right to live or work in the city, it will be in complete control. but they dont, you know why ? because they are making money through this way. who doesn't want to making money? human are naturally greedy.
    I feel like beijing will be a hollow. See the subways, look around, It is not a city that for living anymore, It is just a business circle. we have to accept the truth. 
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    Final proposal - kill the whinging worms. 

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