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  • icefox
    icefox wrote:
    i was looking for long to learn TCM (traditional chinese medicine)
    n checked some universities 
    so everything is not cheap here

    but why the F..price is so huge for foreigners
    ie one of my students last week told me she was considering to learn it too, chinese price is 3000 rmb for 3 month
    n when i went to compare, they wanted to charge me 30000
    it s not that i can not pay, scuse mummy, i ll have to sell a leg you made for me once 
    but ....should i?

    in brief, is there anyone who has some idea to learn it with no saturnian price??
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    The key spirit of TCM, in actuality is "practice". So they said, practice makes perfect.

    In the South of China, like Guangxi and Yunnan, foreign doctors are invited or permitted to work for a short period of time with Chinese resident surgeons, and it is so far quite helpful. 

    You don't start with TCM as a doctor, but rather, you have to finish a 5-7 years official education and training as western doctor first.

    TCM is based on patient experience but western medicine is based on rebellious scientists' crazy ideas.

    All those people who told you that they could charge you and teach you TCM are phonies or frauds.

    If you would like to know more, you may write me a message for exchange doctor program (China-Japan; China South Africa) in Guangxi Autonomous Region. 

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