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  • susan wang
    susan wang wrote:

    Ok, Im gonna explore Fujian Tulou. Though I know it I never be there. the charity event makes sense.

    From www.amazingchina.com link text

    In this amazing tour you will explore the majestic world heritage architecture Fujian Tulou – Hakka Residential Earthen House based in Yongding in Fujian province, southeast China. You will experience the legendary Hakka culture and immerse the authentic rural life.

    During your tour to Fujian Tulou, we will bring you to a local Hakka family, you can have meals with them, drink mellow Hakka rice wine and taste Hakka tea, learn Hakka language with local people and live in the distinctive Hakka Earthen residential house.

    We will also arrange a charity activity during a visit to the mountainous village school, we suggest you to bring some clothes for children, books, pens, pencils for school or what you know they will need for their daily school life. All the kids, teachers and villagers will very appreciate you spending time to teach them some English, telling stories happening in big cities or in the outside world, sharing their dreams.


    Contact:+8610 65535189-819

  • Martin Aleksander Rasmussen

    now winter is coming.so that will be good!

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