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  • James
    James wrote:

    Dear Friends,

    My new Town house is located in the south of Beijing, Daxing district. You can get here by the subway line 4. After arriving at the end of the line station, Tiangongyuan Station, you can take bus for 1o minutes to get here.

    800-1200/month incl. TV and internet for renting it. But you have to teach my daughter English in some time. You should pay water, electricity and gas fee by yourself. I can send you to the subway station everday by my car. My working time is 9-18:00 Mon. - Fri. Working place: Chaoyang distict.

    Now I have 3 room vacant.

    Hope you can make a happy life in Beijing.alt text alt text Thanks.

    James 1371 827 2791

    msn: yujiangbiao@live.com

  • Schokoschoko
    Schokoschoko wrote:

    lesson learned, business opportunities are everywhere...

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