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  • Travis Sandman
    Travis Sandman wrote:
    <p>Hey everybody, I just moved to Beijing (Chaoyang) and am looking for people to play tennis with. Generally looking for a pretty competitive level (rated NTRP 4.5-5.0), but would love to get out and hit. Let me know if you have the opportunity. I have played at Chaoyang Park and would be willing to meet there or somewhere else and split the court fee and hit for an hour or two. Playing matches would be fine as well, just trying to stay active and keep playing while I am here.</p> <p>Thanks, Travis</p>
  • Rick
    Rick wrote:
    Hey Travis, how is it going? I am also interested in playing tennis at a competitive level. I have been playing tennis for a long time and believe it will be great if you are still eager to pick up your racket. I work and live in Andingmen. Shoot me an email at riteshkhi@gmail.com. BTW are the tennis courts at Chaoyangmen outdoors or indoors? Take Care

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