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    CHOCOBOX wrote:
    <p>HI ,this is a socceramateur’s soccerteam. We need some newguy to join us. If u like soccer and every Saturday afternoon have a free times,that well fit us If u know what is the soccer,and u are the “Senior players” that is the best best best. Rule is : 1 I hope u enjoy the games and I really really want u love the our team. 2 Evryone need to be submitted by captain 3 We uniforms are german hope u like it 4 If u sure to join us, we hope u can came every Saturday if u haven’t important things. p.s: U need pay 100yuan rmb for u uniforms taken number and u name if u hadit u just pay 50yuan rmb. Water,medicine is free. Site fees is “aa”system.all times is 50yuan rmb,half times is 25yuan rmb. By the way I hope u are older enough. no child!!My English so bad this is google help,sorry for this. My email: 251097735@qq.com Waiting for u repay,bless u.</p>
  • Road
    Road wrote:

    Time to fight! kidding...

    I have a soccer team already,so,how about one or more friendly match?

  • Miro
    Miro wrote:
    hi, i would like to play,
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    I'm on board!

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