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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    I've never seen a really good overview of Beijing Gyms out there, I'll start out with what I know. First the one I work out at:

    Oe Gymnasium @ Sun City
    Area: Gongti (Outer NE 2nd Ring Rd)
    18 Xinzhong Rd, Sun City Bldg 3

    Description: In the basement, got most of the equipment you need for weight lifting, some rusty machines (the dips one). Free classes, anything from ballet to fighting, and a pretty nice pool in the 2nd basement floor. Changingroom/showers are small though, I prefer showering at home instead of accidently rubbing ass with elder chinese men ;P

    Price: 1y=1400, 6m=900, 3m=700
    Bargaining: Probably, I got 2 different prices the two times I went there, and would probably get a better price if I brought a Chinese friend.

    Garden of Eden Fitness
    Area: S. Sanlitun (Inner E 3rd Ring Rd)
    2A Workers' Stadium N. Rd, Pacific Dept. Store Floor 1

    Ling Pao Dong Li Fitness Club
    Area: Gongti (Outer E 2nd Ring Rd.)
    68 Xinzhong St, Dragon's Garden Floor B1

    Hui Zhuo Yuan Fitness Centre
    Area: Gongti (NE 2nd Ring Rd)
    14 Dongzhimen S. St, Poly Plaza Floor 3

    Powerhouse Gym (宝力豪健身)
    By Dongzimen Subway, exit C
    Tel: 010-51396208

    Haosha Bodybuilding Club
    Tel: 010-89784560

    DNA健身私教工作室 / DNA Fitness Club
    Address:‎China北京市宝山区东三环中路建外SOHO西区11楼3层1135号‎ - Tel: 010-58691607‎

    Fitness First
    中国北京市朝阳区朝阳区朝外大街16号中国人寿大厦b1层‎ - 010-85251818‎

    Pacific Century Club
    In Sanlitun, close to Changhongqiao Subway
    China北京市朝阳区工体北路甲2号e栋5层‎ - 010-65393434‎

    Nirvana Fitness & Spa, Sanlitun
    Close to Changhongqiao Subway

    CSI: Bally in Wudaokou
    In the intelli building, old Intellifitness changed to CSI Bally. Go south in the street from Microsoft building, and its on your left.

    Nirvana Fitness & Spa
    On the backside (east side) of Lotus

    HuaQingJiaYuen Gym
    Inside HuaQing in Wu, there's a gym with a pool that upgraded the weight room earlier this year. Also have some judo classes or something, as well as a swimming pool, Pingpong and Pool. But they did intense marketing, so might be crowded.

    Fusion, BLCU
    The gym inside BLCU, Wudaokou.

    Ozone gyms
    Have several locations around town, not sure where.

    Season Park
    There's a gym inside Season Park, but I've heard it's as expensive as season park itself, and Sun City is just by for a pretty nice price :-)

    Feel free to add more details on my mentioned gyms, or add others :-)

    JinXiuYuen Gym
    This is where I live, they have a pool, seems like (on google maps) they have a footballfield/running area on the roof, a friend of me is doing Capoeira classes ++. 20 pr time for the pool, should be pretty cheap. The weight room sucks though, just 2-3 weights and maybe 10sqm big.
  • Alex
    Alex wrote:
    I've been working out at Nirvana in Wudaokou. Good equipments and classes, but the price looks expensive if you compared to the service level.
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Had a positive experience a couple of days ago at Oe Gymnasium @ Sun City where I work out. A guy came over to me and started talkin (they never did that at CSI Bally), asked me where I was form (in English!) and then corrected me on my technique. This is both thumbs up! Even though I dont feel like chit-chatting when pumping a heavy set ;)
  • Cliff Torrijos
    I go to California Fitness in The Place. I looked around for a long time and it is by far the best in terms of equipment. Classes are free and include yoga and several aerobics classes). If you want a pool to swim in however, look else where. You can read my full review here: http://www.localnoodles.com/review/business_detail.aspx?businessid=13123

    I also wrote a review of Nirvana Finess near Pacific Century. In summary, I hated it. But go here for my full review: http://www.localnoodles.com/review/business_detail.aspx?businessid=11063

    I actually live in Season's Park and the gym is decent. However, unless you live there and are looking for convenience, it really isn't worth the price.
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Awesome! Keep the reviews and comments coming and we'll soon have enough material for a really comprehensive beijing gym guide ;)
    Ole: You go to the suncity gym right? how long does it take you to get there? I'm your neighbour now... im on the hunt for a gym BAD :)
    Found this one too on a timeout page:


    "Jinxiuyuan gym
    Given that it’s smack in the middle of expat-ville, just up the road from April Gourmet on Xingfucun, the Jinxiuyuan gym is criminally overlooked.

    The gym, in a dingy room, is basic: a few treadmills and bikes as well as machine weights – chest and shoulder presses, pec machine, lat pull down and leg curl, as well as a few light dumbbells. But you’ll often have the place to yourself, and there’s a small TV so you can watch Dashan or Dialogue as you pump iron.

    The real joys, though, are the slightly overheated 15-metre pool on the bottom floor and, even better, the rooftop tennis court. The latter, at 50RMB an hour, is one of Beijing’s true hidden gems.

    20RMB for one gym session or 150RMB for 15 sessions. 35RMB to swim or 430RMB for 30 swims. Tennis courts 50RMB/hour. First Floor, Building D, Jinxiuyuan apartment complex, Xingfucun Zhong Lu, Chaoyang district (6416 9840). Open 8am-10pm daily. 朝阳区幸福村中路锦绣园D座1层."
  • Kristin Lange
    Kristin Lange wrote:
    hi everyone,

    i just moved to BJ and looking for a good gym to sign up with.
    i'm moving into seasons park soon...though haven't checked out the gym.
    i'm into yoga as well and wondering if any of the gyms you guys train at have good yoga classes and if there is a hot yoga studio as well.

    hi Cliff,

    i see you are living at seasons park. is california fitness within walking distance from home?

  • 北摄 Beijing Center Of Photography
    20RMB for one gym session or 150RMB for 15 sessions. 35RMB to swim or 430RMB for 30 swims. Tennis courts 50RMB/hour. First Floor, Building D, Jinxiuyuan apartment complex, Xingfucun Zhong Lu, Chaoyang district (6416 9840). Open 8am-10pm daily. 朝阳区幸福村中路锦绣园D座1层."

    hey... this gym is in the same compound where WeLiveInBeijing's office is...
    so you guys can invite our webmasters (and mistresses) here to go workout together as guy buddies!
    Is it crusty? :)
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Ryan: Sorry, late reply here.. takes me 10 minutes to walk, or you could run as a warmup :) And the timeout article about the Jinxiuyuan gym.. I was there a couple of months ago, and the weight room had more or less no equipment. The Sun City pool is 25 meters long, dont know how deep it is but you can dive into it from a ramp, while a friend of mine say that Jinxiuyuen pool could be deeper.

    Timeout write that Sun City is overcrowded. I work out 11:00 - 13:00 or before, and I'm all alone there. I even get free personal training from the guys who work there because they dont have anything else to do ;) I bet timeout were there in rush hour, I can imagine it's far more people there around 5-6.

    Lance Lee. Haha, yea it's just out the main entrance of our building ;) But I wont work out there unless I start swimming. Mai Quant and a bunch of other guys is doing Capoeira there though :-)
  • 北摄 Beijing Center Of Photography
    Gyms are known to charge different rates to different people at different times.

    I was checking out the CSI-Bally at JianWai SOHO, their quote is similar to OLE's SunCity quote - Price: 1y=1400, 6m=900

    and i noticed that the sales representative (a cute gal coach) took back the brochure she wrote the prices on when i said i wanna think about it. She's probably afraid to leave down any written numbers as the fees vary inconsistently...

    perhaps i should bring a local chinese friend along or get him to commit the prices for me. probably lower.
  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:
    I go to a place called Hokay Fitness. I paid about 700RMB for a year. Weight section is a little small and it get busy at peak times but I find it more than adequate. Friendly people there too!
  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:
    They saw how much I needed to lose weight and saw pity on me.
  • Lucia
    Lucia wrote:
    I go to gym at Haosha Bodybuilding Club ,star city ,dashanzi ,chaoyang district.
    i paid 999 a year.include swimming poor.
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    anyone know basketball gym ?
  • Lucia
    Lucia wrote:
    I knew a place would paly basketball in Dongdan.东单体育场。
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    u know the price?
    i play once in 东单 too,but i was play on the outdoor court,not indoor court.
    now i wanna play in indoor court,'cause it's winter
  • Lucia
    Lucia wrote:
    Oh ,i see .it's outdoor court indeed.sorry i have no idea.you'd better google it.
  • Silje Berge
    Silje Berge wrote:
    Does anyone have any experience with the gyms near Dawanglu station?
    I haven't been to a gym since moving here (too long now), and I feel like changing that...

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Thomas, I go to the Oe in Zhujiangdijing, which is a couple bus stops down west dawanglu from the subway. I pay 1500/year. Nice pool underground with very few people. It's got all the weights, machines, and treadmills you really need, though a bit lacking on the maintenance. Generally nice people.
  • Krister Thonerud
    Any recommendations for a gym near 德胜门? My requirements are modest, just good treadmills and convenient.
  • Simon Frederic
    I used to go to nirvana. -- if you are a smart one you can probably get a year card for under 3000-
    I go Haosha since it's just 15 m out of my loft.
    Equipment is fine actually- -the swimming pool is clean. The staff--- well I wonder what they are doing. They have lots of classes (which I will never attend)
    price was 1500 for two years-
    No free water (?) - sauna works 5 hours a day. closes a bit too early at 9.45pm .
    Elderly- housewives and little children moving around during rush hours.

  • DH
    DH wrote:
    used to go to Bally fitness club. some personal trainers were shit and flirty...its awful! also the price can be really high. around 4500 per year, cant remember it clearly tho.
  • Børge Notkevich
    omg there's a fitness first in beijing?! didn't know that! wish u posted this up earlier!
    I just joined the Hao Sha in Chong Wen Men, Xin Shi Jie.
  • Da Chuan
    Da Chuan wrote:

    the place im going is very close to huanlegu (happy vally) and it cost for me 1200each year

  • Da Chuan
    Da Chuan wrote:

    plus .it has lotta equipment for weight lifting ,and swimmipin pool nd belly dance and also a room for just riding the electricitic bike .

  • Fred
    Fred wrote:

    the biggest problem is to find a gym that will not go bancrupt within a year. Seems to be quite a trend, open a gym, take loads of annual membership fees, take the money and run very far away...

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    i work out at home with my own lifting equipment, and i think it's time to buy insurance for my legs and hips, ;) does this site has limits for pics uploading? :D

  • Farina
    Farina wrote:

    Can anyone advise me a good gym in Chaoyang District? Please write me a message :)

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    one newly opened in lido, called heqiaolijing / 和乔丽晶, looks alright

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan wrote:
    I guess i can resurrect this thread.  I too just moved to Beijing.  I've shopped around for gyms (Powerhouse, Nirvana, Hosa, Bally's)  What's the latest consensus on best gyms? I'm in the Sanlitun/dongzhimen area.  Thanks!
  • Bauer Xiong
    Bauer Xiong wrote:

    Does anyone know about any gyms near the fengtai area? I live near the Yuegezhuang bridge and next to the 302 hospital, and I haven't seen any postings about gyms near there so any help would be great.

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