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  • WeLiveInBeijingRess
    WeLiveInBeijingRess wrote:
    my office is nice and warm, my coat is big and warm, so i wear a skirt and blouse and stockings even tho this is winter inside, but it for sure looks professional, anyways, this moring, i got a hole on my stockings, (as u all know it happens all the time, but i should've had a bakcup in the office), i took it off and tossed it, so i had nude legs today with a skirt which reaches my knees sitting in the office, however, my boss(who is 68)'s wife(who is 53) comes to the office every now and then, after twork today, my boss called me, 'Mimi, i am sorry, i gotta apologize, but i got a very jealous wife, she is not happy with you wear a dress in the office, could you please wear a pants tomorrow?'

    now the fact is i am not going to change my outfit for somebody else's problem, i strongly believe that this is highly against human rights, i think they r cheeky dumb wankers......
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:
    She noticed her husband's first boner in three years and put two and two together.
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    Couldn't understand a word. What the hell are you talking about, my big gay bro?
  • Fabian Kollen
    Fabian Kollen wrote:
    you should take off all your dressing and naked running over around in your office, but don't forget to ask your last month salary to your boss.
  • WeLiveInBeijingRess
    his american, his wife is Chineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.  lololololololololololollololololololololol  and the next day she was at the office again calling me a slut implicitly, she said her gf thinks me i am a slut, for sure it's her opinion, i told her her gf's porblem caused by her ugliness and i would get a loan from the bank to do plastic surgery. hahah
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    Small businesses don't always have dress codes, @Dogfucker, so unless you want to can tell us which of Hammurabi's tablets pertains to your one-size-fits-all idea of sexual morality, you're advised to STFU until the specifics of OP's work environment are made known.
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    @Godfather, couldn't agree with you more.

    Besides, I admire your films very much, all of them. 
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    However, all women are vain, forgive us. 
  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:
    But seriously, women don't necessarily have to live with men in pair. As the Song of U2 - With or Without You. 

    The earth will keep on rotating......

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