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  • Haty
    Haty wrote:

    1.i am 28,engineer(about virtual studio/media/vedio),from bejing(many generations/all family members),20days/months are available, many free time,(one day work,then two days will be off).Bachelor Degree(Electronic Information Engineering/"211"University).

    2.i like teach chinese or chinese culture or be a tourist guide. I dont have experience, so now 30RMB/Hour.

    3.i live nearby: line 10 xidiaoyutai and cishousi. and line 6 huayuanqiao.

    4.Email:    iliketeachchinese@hotmail.com

    Major Awards During University:
    1. Speech contest Award for Excellence.  2. Excellent Contestant Award for Model competition (competition video available).
    3. Excellent Teaching Assistant for marketing theme lecture.  4. First prize and Excellent Debater award for Debate Competition.

    1. Journalist for university broadcasting station and student affairs office.
    2. Minister for Public Relations department of Automobile Association.
    3. Officer for Information department of university student union.

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