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  • Déborah 曾德蓉
    Déborah 曾德蓉 wrote:
    Hi everyone :)
    I am writing an article about wlib...
    I need help !

    Please let me know...

    - do you guys have a fcbk ?
    - how long have you been in China ?
    - are you desperate coz you can't login ? (i am addicted myself lol)
    - did you find any good proxy ?
    - why do you have a wlib ?
    - why do you like this social network ?
    - is it as cool as fcbk ? (no offense to staff, i'm just wondering)
    - how do you feel about it ?
    - what is the main difference bitween fcbk and wlib ?

    Also let me know where you're from please.

    Thanks !
    Cheers !
  • Sonja Lund
    Sonja Lund wrote:
     I dont think you can even compare Facebook and WLIB
     The differences are as below:

    1) Facebook is for people from all over the world.
       WLIB is mainly for Foreigners who are living in China .They wont use it anymore when they 
       leave China.(some of them still use it though)

    2) Facebook: 50% male and 50% female(more or less) from everywhere
       WLIB:     45% Chines girls(average age from 20 to 30)
                 40% Foreign men (average age from 25 to 40)
                 10% Chinese men
                 5%  Foreign girls

    3) Facebook: People have all types of job.
       WLIB:     70% of Foreigners here are teachers.

    4) Facebook: is banned in China.
       WLIB:     is hacked frequently.

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