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     Man Of La Mancha

    A Smashing Return Engagement of 40 Performances during Christmas Season Hilarious, overwhelming, more heart-wrenching than ever !

    Starring and Directed By Joseph Graves

    From November 28th, 2012 through Janurary 20th, 2013 (Wednsday-Sunday, 19:30, Monday and Tuesday off)

    Performed in English with Chinese Subtitle

    Ticket Information: 880/580/380/280/180RMB ; 400-028-2577

    Venue: 9 Theater, 17 Jintai Xili, Xiaozhuang, Chaoyang District 朝阳区小庄金台西里17号朝阳区文化馆内

    Man Of La Mancha, a wildly funny, thoroughly charming musical fable and international sensation, is marching to its premiere in China! With a book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion and music by Mitch Leigh, this timeless tale of hope, love and dreams is told through the person of one of the world’s greatest writers, Don Miguel De Cervantes. In jail, awaiting his death under the savage sentence of the Spanish Inquisition, Cervantes and his trusty servant, Sancho, must first face a trail for their lives by their fellow prisoners. Convincing his bloodthirsty inmates that he can tell them a story that will change their lives for the better, Cervantes cleverly draws them into his comedic literary masterpiece, Don Quixote, as Cervantes, Sancho and the other prisoners enact the characters of that greatest of novels. In this play within a play, the tale of the idealist knight, Don Quixote unfolds, mirroring the real-life story of Cervantes himself. Man of La Mancha answers the eternal questions as to whether the impossible dreams of a world full of hope, love and beauty can really ever come true, and answers those questions with a resounding, YES!

    Opening on Broadway in 1965, Man Of La Mancha celebrated a five-year initial engagement of 2329 performances, garnered 5 Tony awards and was soon made into film adaptation starring legendary British actor, Peter O’Tool and international sensation, Sophia Lauren. During the next 40 years, 4 major Broadway revivals and dozens of productions in 30 languages have been mounted in more that 40 countries throughout the world, making Man Of La Mancha a worldwide theatrical classic. The play’s signature song, “The Impossible Dream”, has become a much-loved musical standard, recorded by over 100 renowned and widely varying singers such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, IL Divo, Placido Domingo to name only a few. For the first time ever, this sparkling musical masterpiece will shine on a Beijing stage. Joseph Graves, (a internationally regarded director and actor whose work has been seen and applauded on stages from New York to Los Angeles in America, the West End of London and throughout Europe as well as in China where he has directed the Chinese premiere of many Western classics) was chosen to lead the Chinese premiere of Man of La Mancha by Mitch Leigh, the Tony Award winning composer of Man of La Mancha, and an acknowledged theatre icon. Using his signature casting of brilliant native Chinese actors performing in English, Joseph Graves will steer this production from its initial English language engagement, to a Chinese language run of La Mancha, a few months hence, using essentially the same cast.

    Venue: 9 Theater, 17 Jintai Xili, Xiaozhuang, Chaoyang District 朝阳区小庄金台西里17号朝阳区文化馆内

    Dates: Wed Nov 28 2012 - Sun Jan 20 2013

    Tickets: 180, 280, 380, 580, 880RMB; 400-028-2577

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