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    欲联系,请加QQ:363752739 之后电话联系。

    I now have a ticket of Li Yugang's concert,who is a famous  actor in Beijing. He is famous for his gender bender performance,which means man-dressed-as-ancient-woman performance. He rised his fame overnight through Xingguangdadao. Unlukily i just found out i  won't be available that day so now i want to transfer,means sell the ticket to someone have interests in it.

    The ticket is validated at 19:30 in the evening on Dec.29th Saturday.The concet will be held in The Great Hall of the People,just near Tiananmen. The ticket cost 280 RMB.

    The ticket is pretty nice since you don't need to sit at the very last row or pay too much for seats in front.

    anyone who interest,please send me email


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