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  • Zibet
    Zibet wrote:
     I am a Beijing-based Chinese girl, who just started learning French. I would like to find a French native to be my language partner, so that we can exchange our knowledge on Chinese and French, as well as interests on other fields such as fine arts, music and movies.

    I can speak very good English, which can help us through if your Chinese is not as influent as French.

    By the way, the French mucial <Notre Dame de Paris> is coming in town!!! Although in English, it's still quite a thrill I assure you, since I watched it last year. I have been obsessed about the musical for more than 10 years. It is also where my interest toward French came from.

    Please contact me if you'd like to be my language Partner.

  • Gökhan Erdogan
     The French musical is Notre Dame de Paris. I don't know why my first post didn't show it.
  • Gökhan Erdogan
     Yeah, it's Notre Dame de Paris. I have watched it three times this week, planning to go watching it again next week.

    I have watched the DVD of the show's debut in 1998 for more thant 100 times, which is just far from enough.

    And another French musical will be on in Shanghai from Dec 22 to Jan 6. I'm going to watch it on New Year's Day.

    Bearing all these beautiful musicals in mind, I wish I could learn French faster and better, that's why I'm looking for a lauguage partner.

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