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    Is she falling out of love? (MSN)

    It's upsetting when you feel you and your partner are growing apart, especially if you’re still keen. Here are the top 10 signs which suggest her heart may be not be in it anymore

    1. Out of sight, out of mind
    Do you sometimes feel like you’re her last priority? It sounds obvious, but if she doesn't want to spend any time with you, her feelings could be on the wane. If she's cancelling get-togethers and always seems busy doing other things, perhaps she's trying to distance you from her life.

    2. It's in her kiss
    Is she pulling away from your once-passionate kisses and constantly making excuses to avoid intimacy? There could be many reasons why she doesn't feel like getting physical, but if it's becoming very common it may be a warning sign.

    3. Critical condition
    If she's gone from being encouraging and complimentary to losing patience and finding fault with everything, from your shoes to the way you eat, it may hint at a deeper dissatisfaction with the relationship.

    4. Textual confusion
    When you're really into someone, they're never far from your thoughts. For excited lovers, this often means a string of banter-filled texts, emails and messages throughout the day. If these dry up, it could spell trouble.

    5. Eyes off the prize
    Sometimes the eyes say it all. If you used to catch her gazing at you lovingly, but these lingering looks have turned into mere perfunctory – and even irritated - glances, it could suggest she’s letting her eyes wonder.

    6. Pat on the back
    A kiss can tell a thousand things, but so can a hug. If her cuddles are just a brief squeeze and she starts patting your back while she's got her arms around you, it suggests she's shying away from intimacy and putting you into the ‘friends’ zone.

    7. World War Three
    If your once-harmonious relationship is now ridden with tension, and she's picking arguments left, right and centre, it may suggest she wants out. Perhaps it's time to have a chat about why your conversations have turned so sour, as it could be that she’s unhappy about another area of her life.

    8. Plans don't include you
    Has she begun referring to ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ a lot more than she used you? Has she been making plans for weeks down the line without factoring you in? If so, maybe she’s envisaging a future without you in it.

    9. Getting with her friends
    If she swaps her cosy nights in with you for wild nights out with her friends, you could be falling off her radar. Reconnecting with her mates could be a sign she's shoring up people to spend time with if she finds herself single again, and her nights out could be her trying out the single life to know if that’s what she’d prefer.

    10. No need
    Whereas once you were one the one she turned to when she had a problem to talk through or a picture she needed hanging, now she's become much more self-sufficient. If she stops relying on you, maybe she's preparing for life without you.
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    I can't help but point out that "diarrhoea" is actually correct in the UK, the place where OP lives, which is not Beijing. In the rest of the Americanish-speaking world, it is wrong. But what is more wronger is getting all butthurt about it and making another shitty thread to vindicate one's utter lulzlessness.
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