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  • Kissy
    Kissy wrote:
    <p>Hi ,</p> <p>I am a Chinese girl who is working in an E-Commerce company in Beijing, I have live in BJ for 10 years. I need to enhance my oral English for job demand( I need to communicate with many international clients).</p> <p>I want to find a native Englis speaker to be my language partner. </p> <p>I work in Wangjing望京 and live in Sihui四惠.We can meet during lunch or after work in working days. </p> <p>I think I will also be a good guide to introduce you delicious food, good shopping place in Beijing.</p> <p>Also, my colleagues need language partner, too.</p> <p>Please contact me at email: 854024445@qq.com or msn:independencer@hotmail.com</p> <p>Thank you!</p>

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