Discussion » Nonsense » Chinese man sues wife for being 'ugly'

  • Gullekian
    Gullekian wrote:
    <p>Divorces are never pretty, but this one is pretty ugly.</p> <p>Mr Feng. from northern China divorced and sued his wife for being ugly. </p> <p>And he won the case, the court agreed with him.... he was awarded 120,000 US$ for damages... </p> <p>Read the whole story:</p> <ul> <li><p><a href="http://stephaneprudhomme.visibli.com/share/AKaG5n">http://stephaneprudhomme.visibli.com/share/AKaG5n</a></p></li> <li><p><a href="http://in.news.yahoo.com/chinese-man-sues-wife-being-ugly-071833576.html">http://in.news.yahoo.com/chinese-man-sues-wife-being-ugly-071833576.html</a></p></li> <li><p><a href="http://www.sify.com/news/Chinese-man-sues-wife-for-being--ugly-news-offbeat-mk1nafgacgi.html">http://www.sify.com/news/Chinese-man-sues-wife-for-being--ugly-news-offbeat-mk1nafgacgi.html</a></p></li> </ul>
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Interesting,bad experience for the lady, and an incurable wound for the daughter

  • Amber
    Amber wrote:

    is there any people in the world who do not lie ?........see her parents before marrying her

  • Simen Stensvoll

    Stupid Man,he should have fucked himself!

  • Mading
    Mading wrote:

    Hahha! it means most of the girls here should learn from this story...be yourself don't be a bitch ;P

  • Patrick Coleman

    pity the daughter, she will be called the ugly duckling, hope a fairy god mother will come to her rescue.

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