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  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim wrote:
    <p>i am welling to buy portable hard disk , i have two choices , A data or T oshiba, price the same , qualifications the same, any one give me advice, which is the best ?</p>
  • Jonas Ekeli
    Jonas Ekeli wrote:

    I would say if money's not a problem, WD and Seagate are better choices, I had 4 mobile hard disks, 2 WD and 2 seagate, very low noise, still using 2 of them.

    My advice is don't buy one with very shining LEDs, also if your PC supports sata3, don't buy sata2, huge speed difference

  • Jonas Ekeli
    Jonas Ekeli wrote:

    forgot to say there's not much of a difference between SATA2 and SATA3 mechanical hard drives, that only applis to SSD

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