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  • Joe_Shogun
    Joe_Shogun wrote:

    没溜儿mei2 liu(er)4---一天到晚不正经,嘻嘻哈哈。This one describes one who is not serious for all the time.

    没谱儿mei2 pu(er)3---北京土话,没有计划,不能依靠的意思。 To be unsure and unreliable.

    炸庙zha4 miao4---北京土话,瞎咋唬的意思,含有唬人的意味。To be pretentious and then bluster others.

    闪shan3---北京新流行语,闪开,躲避的意思。New catchword in Beijng, which means to parry or vanish. 赶趟儿gan3 tang(er)4---北京土话,来得及的意思。 This phrase means to be able to do something in time.

    大爷 da4 ye---本意就是叔叔,伯伯的意思,或是很受尊敬的人。在北京土话里,是骂人的意思。The original meaning of 大爷 was uncle, over time, 大爷 came to describe someone has a high prestige, hence 去你大爷 qu4 ni3 da4 ye ,literally ,damn your uncle, since 大爷 is well worthy of his reputation, when you screw one's 大爷, you just screw that one.

    丫 ya1 ---在旧社会是丫头的意思,语气助词,现在用来表达蔑视。丫 is just a modal particle which can be heard a lot all around Beijing and only in Beijing. For this reason, people can easily distinguish if one is a local. However, the original meaning of 丫 came from 丫头 ya1 tou ,the slave girl in old society . Only when despising someone, 丫 can be used after the certain subject. For example: 你丫是猪 ni3 ya1 shi4 zhu1 :You are such a pig! 这丫真不是东西! zhei4 ya1 zhen1 bu2 shi4 dong1 xi :This guy is such an ass! 他丫根本就不是个儿!! ta1 ya1 gen1 ben3 jiu4 bu2 shi 4 ge(er)4 He's a piece of trash!!

    PS: will up date them weekly if you guys like it.

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    Good job 老爷们儿 ;)

  • Simen Wangberg

    This is way cooler than the stupid spam posts that the language schools always put up.

    Keep up the good work.

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