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    joe wrote:
    <p>Check it out</p> <p>http://natuurcollege.nl/welcome-to-nature-college</p> <p>"We were born of this earth. We are an integral part of the community of all life. Our own lives are connected with countless lives of other creatures, and conversely those countless lives are also interconnected with our individual being. Nothing and no one stands on ones own. </p> <p>Once we cease to experience this feeling of unity, we have severed the connection with the wondrous flow of life within our very own being. Not only does this culminate in feelings of alienation and isolation, but it also opens the door towards exploitation of the earth and nature, loss of respect for our fellow human being and exhaustion of our own life force. </p> <p>The earth has been polluted by our actions and behaviour, resulting in the duress of the multitude of all life forms. That special effort as humans for the future of earth’s well being and all those whose lives depend on her is a universally accepted necessity. Both the scientific community and many other groups are searching for ways and means to counter further pollution and injustice, as well as seeking solutions to help heal nature where possible, and opposing further conflict. Environmental and conservation treaties are signed across the world, and people are striving towards peace. </p> <p>As a result, a new, more enlightened awareness is slowly emerging. An awareness that the well-being of all that lives is intricately connected with the well-being of ourselves. We could call this spirituality. The spirituality of interconnectedness. An interconnectedness on all levels of our being that manifests in a multitude of ways. Whether this is found in the amazement and wonder of the researching scientist, the emotions of the poet, in the respectfully bowed head of the religious, or in the unprejudiced wisdom and happiness of a child. </p> <p>The connection begins within us. When we can fully open ourselves up to the wonder of existence, we will rediscover the connection between the mind, the heart and the soul and experience the affinity with all of life and the prospect for a hopeful future. We will acknowledge that the thoughts, words and actions of every single person is of vital importance. The clarity of one drop of water contributes to the clarity of the entire ocean. </p> <p>It is up to each and everyone of us to find the courage and humility to open ourselves up to the beauty, strength and wisdom of all life, and thus to become that drop of clarity, connectivity and responsibility in the vast ocean of life. </p> <p>The NatureCollege Foundation unites a number of people whose interests are consistent with these premises, and who are willing to make a contribution to the growing consciousness of the oneness of all life."</p>

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