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    <p>It seems an old fashioned word, a thing of the past with many of the large houses going into the public domain. </p> <p>One would have thought butlers was a dying trade! Queen Elisabeth hired a butler two years ago at a salary of £15,000 a year. In the UK that is a poor salary, but that is considered a prize job in the 'butler world'. If your CV reads 'Butler' to her HM Queen Elizabeth for three years you can command a salary of up to £100,000 a year working abroad. Apart from been able to speak fluent English and a grounding of French, £5000 in your bank account to pay for the course and expenses for 4 weeks? </p> <p>Key areas of employment are the Middle East and China? China now has the type of influence to hire a butler. Before you think of becoming a butler you would need to qualify and Four-week course costs £4890.00 to get the coveted Prestigious British Butler Institute certification. </p> <p>The Butler and Housekeeper course is split into 4 modules which consist of:</p> <p>Module 1: The Modern Household/House Management</p> <p>Module 2: Excelling as a Housekeeper, Laundry and Clothes Care</p> <p>Module 3: Valeting</p> <p>Module 4: Service</p>
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    Hahahahaha ... speaking of "If you cannot say anything intelligent"...

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