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  • 忙里偷闲
    忙里偷闲 wrote:

    2 years ago: A girl met a guy, they fell in love for long while before, he just found excuses for himself a way out from her trust and left her alone....

    now: the same guy wrote back and told her that he still think of her and will visit her on next vocation....meanwhile her work partner (knew 5 years now) comes sooner and they might spectrum a now love affair...........

    should she refuse the former one? truelly no idea about this, what should we do if you were here? try a foot in 2 camp?

  • J WU
    J WU wrote:

    take the work partner...reject the former one

  • Sonja Lund
    Sonja Lund wrote:


    agree with Isidnar,he will play it again.

  • Simen Stensvoll

    im afraid u can't help ur friend in this situation,neither can we.she has to listen to her heart,not us.

  • Simen Stensvoll

    how could you be wiser if you never ever met an idiot?

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