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  • Simon Frederic
    Simon Frederic wrote:
    <p>Zombie Run October the 28th (Beijing Olympic Forest Park) The Ultimate Running Test in Beijing for the living and the undead. Free Event for all - Stay healthy and have fun.</p> <p>Now if this was the real thing (which it might very well be -I m looking for the scientific community support to provide a few real zombies to give it even a better thrill) - Where would you stand ? and Would you make it out alive ?</p> <p>Info are also posted on WLIB .</p> <p>Registration to the Free Event: https://yoopay.cn/event/ZombieRunBj </p> <p>Link to the homemade video [embed]http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ivtn6qJGKIc/ [/embed] http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ivtn6qJGKIc/ (just in case the one above doesnt work)</p>
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    You don't have to run the fastest. You don't even have to be able to run faster than a zombie. You just have to be able to run faster than the next meatbag.

  • Simon Frederic

    Lin > Thats because we want the Zombie to be fresh and fast and the human to be worn out.

    think about a real zombie outbreak with water and food shortage, you are not going to step in in top physical condition.

    ಠ_ರೃ Yes you will have to run faster than the next meat bag. Though there will be both slow and fast runners in both teams- run smart and bring friends that will slow zombies down.

  • Simon Frederic

    Kelesias nope we have a limit on Zombies coming. And currently there are more humans anyway. I guess that people with good running base will want to run 10k.

    Not all zombies are slow. Some are fast, some slow, some fo jumping. You will have some zombies standing still or moving slowly here and there.

    Its nice to have you in! Stay alive!

  • Simon Frederic

    Isidnar well plants dont move. plus they are too scary, especially the potatoes. We have static zombies also.

  • Simon Frederic

    than will be for summer Kelesias -
    will do something like that

    but for now every october we will try to host Zombie Runs.

    Zombie or human the choice is yours.

    Isidnar Venus Fly trap... hummmm .... would have to drop you on the lane

  • Simon Frederic

    yes that one is ok

  • Simon Frederic

    @Kelesias 40min to do 5km. everything above this will be your margin.

    @linsay did u register ?

  • Simon Frederic

    哈哈 right.

  • Simon Frederic

    welcome :)

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