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  • Andrew
    Andrew wrote:
    <p>Hey WeliveinBeijingers!!</p> <p>You are looking for a great living situation, just like me I'm sure. Convenient, Modern, Comfortable, with a nice person to be a friend and share a good place- at a fair price.</p> <p>Me: easy-going, responsible, mature, 30 year old American professional and Chinese gf, living in BJ 2 years Places: TaiYangGong area, where I have searched over 20 places and found around 5 good options. </p> <p>Price: around 7500 RMB +/- per month. I will take the bigger share.</p> <p>You: Mature, responsible, mature, easy-going, English-speaking, interested in sharing a place with a friend. No smoking, but having a bf/gf is ok of course. Pet must be either: quiet and clean or no pet.</p> <p>Your share of the apt: shared kitchen, living room, bathroom (some have pvt second bathroom), ~3500 mo./rent</p> <p>Photos: Why no photos? Because WE have our CHOICE of LOTS of places I have already scouted!</p> <p>Timing: Now and ASAP. This deal could be worked out TODAY. or it could wait until after National holiday when I return from Xi'An.</p> <p>Your move! My email: andrew.utman@gmail.com</p> <p>Hope to hear from you soon! Andrew</p>

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