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    BELLA wrote:
    <p>Customer Service Consultant - COFCO (Xidan Joy City)</p> <p>Posted on: 2012-09-26 Posted by: Mr. Du Email: d620@hotmail.com</p> <p>Phone: 13811335805 Details: Job Requirement: This position is only available for native English speaker.</p> <p>As a commercial real estate benchmark enterprise of COFCO in Xidan commercial district, Xidan Joy City undertakes the tasks of training and exporting professional management personnel for each project in group commercial real estate and industrial chain, and branding.</p> <p>Meanwhile, established in XiCheng CBD area, Xidan Joy City is an important medium of COFCO to communicate with government, the media and social organizations as a representative of COFCO. Besides, it is the first choice for retail global climax brands, such as APPLE, ZARA and H&amp;M, to set up China flagship center for channel creation, market promotion and product distribution.</p> <p>To respond strategic guidelines and demands for Xidan City Joy project raised by leaders of COFCO, and to provide distinguish and outstanding service in commercial district based on better customer service system construction, in accordance with our business needs we seek for several customer service consultants.</p> <p>Position description: 1. various consulting service in mall (including on-site and telephone consultation) 2. Gift package service 3. Paging service 4. In charge of borrowing guest wheelchair, pram, umbrella etc. 5. Searching telephone number and postcode for customers 6. Collecting customer complaints and advices, and reporting to Customer complaint management personnel in time. 7. Issuing receipt of associated shops 8. Collecting and calculating store parking ticket 9. Coordinating with store activities of giving out coupons and gifts 10. Responsible for consultation of handling, replacing and accumulating integral of the store VIP membership card, integral inquiry and field integral 11. Responsible for on-site emergency report 12. Assisting the department with “marketing research” 13. Service counter daily check for safety and equipments 14. Offering other services from service counter 15. Completing temporary works arranged by the superior of customer service department</p> <p>Working hours: rotation system (morning shift 9:00 to 16:00; night shift 15:00 to 22:00)</p> <p>Working Place: Xidan Joy City, Beijing</p> <p>COFCO offers competitive salary, welfare and treatment in the industry. </p> <p>Salary: 7000 RMB per month, 500 RMB meals subsidies/200 RMB phone subsidies (apply to new employees)/paid annual vacation/irregularly large and central type trainings given by various experts and teachers specialized in business administration and operation aspect, etc. </p> <p>Thank you for cooperation in all aspects and welcome to join our team.</p>
  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    An english teacher can make twice that in a month and you demand only native speakers.

    Dear all native english speakers:

    do not accept such low pay. you are selling yourselves and others like you out. dont do it!

  • Simen Stensvoll

    if 7000rmb is after tax,then just average salary for native chinese(in beijing)...Alex is right.

  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    Just to be clear, Im not saying "foreigners" should get paid more than local people, I am saying that people who speak native English could simply teach English and get paid twice this in one month.

    And, in support of Tara's comment, how on EARTH this role could be termed as "consultant" is ridiculous. According to the job description, this role has been either incorrectly or dishonestly named (I would guess at the latter).

    A 'customer service consultant' is someone who offers advice to individuals or companies looking to improve their customer service - the role described above on the other hand is simply that of a 'service attendant', ie. fuwuyuan.

    People just dont fall for this kind of bullshit anymore...not people worth employing anyway.

  • Simen Stensvoll

    i didn't mean that "foreigners" should get paid more than local people either. but in china,most imported products are more expensive , cos their costs are higher.

  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    Indeed. Also worth considering is that foreigners lack a local support network and connections, typically meaning that almost everything imaginable costs the individual more.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I think they overstate their requirements and will settle for a non-native English speaker, just like most teaching gigs.

  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    Guys think out of the box.

    Oh ffs!

    This ad is for students.

    Lets all slowclap for douche here!

    even though i support all the arguments against this ad...

    and yet you still post this douchery.

    But fools are always to be found.

    I just found one.

    It would be good experience for him/her and extra cash, at least to cover his/her apartment rent with self-earned money, not parents. If i were one, i'd consider it, although i would ask for more meal subsidies + 300 for cigarettes and beer. It's even greater opportunity for students who are studying retail, cuz internships are usually cheaper or even free. So they can consider it as internship.

    FFS STFU and stop giving tacit support to this, you total, total douche.

  • Simen Stensvoll

    @Qwertryt ,thats my own data, maybe im wrong. but i think the official data is more irresponsible.

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