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  • Saint - Spartacus
    Saint - Spartacus wrote:
    <p>i would like to ask those video fever ,</p> <p>what's you step to make a '' perfect video '' ? coz there are 6 more software to do the same work , and it's hard to say from which switch to which is the best way or the easier way . </p> <p>Well , welcome for any tips exchange </p>
  • Saint - Spartacus

    i prefer finalcut 10 combine with finalcut 7 , maybe i'm more comfort of it , and it have it's motion 5 , live type etc . why sony vegas ? some thing special ? ah ha , i just have a look , it looks like between the version finalcut 7 and 10. it's that have 3D fonction ? if it combine edite and effect that should be perfect !

    do vagas have lots of plugin ?

    any one have practice the reverse filming ? i heard in alien they use it but i can't feel it at all ...

    my gift for the answer is : https://vimeo.com/21504557 and , any plugin in the place of revision reflex ? i hate this plug in !!! : ) thanks a lots

  • Patrick Coleman

    final cut and adobe after effects.... only 2 choices..

    before i used adobe premier .

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