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  • Holly㊛
    Holly㊛ wrote:
    <p>Everyone all the know Brazil, Russia Australia was the most abundant mineral resources of the countries!!! China in the top 10 in the world! but also in the world's biggest consumption country, also the biggest exporter. And now, with fewer resources, mining cost more and more high,have begun to expand overseas geological exploration this project,Engaged in geological exploration the engineering personnel have hundreds of thousands, in the future will also first-class geological exploration engineering technology center in the world!This is China's future a development direction with the new policy. In recent years, Iron and steel, mineral, non-ferrous metal market conditions are not too good.But it is generally regular,there is always have the rise in price time...but energy resources type of industry are state-owned enterprise to monopoly,if private enterprise want to mining field,Means that the powerful go-ver-nm-ent background, with officials have strong relationships,and i really dont like have dealings with go-ver-nm-ent !But i think powerful geological exploration engineering technology and many researchers in the overseas maybe will be more opportunities, and with foreign mining company's cooperation.</p>

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