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    joe wrote:
    <p>I came across this "soul &amp; body" stuff. I find it interesting, and would like to share it here.</p> <p>From the website</p> <p>http://www.soulbodyfusion.com/</p> <p>"All of us are disconnected from our greater spirit to some extent. This happens due to life’s traumas and struggles. Just being born into our human body brings us through a process of forgetting our divinity. When we’re in pain, abused, sad, unloved...the disconnection becomes greater. Indications of this dissociation might be: feeling ungrounded, not present, out of balance, like we don’t belong, illness, depression, unhappiness, addictions, low self-esteem, low energy, feeling lost...</p> <p>Our western mindset that has insisted on the separation between spirit and matter has kept our intrinsic wholeness split apart. Religions have taught us that the flesh is weak, that we are born sinners, that our soul needs a savior. Making our body wrong and our soul right has been part of the problem too. The solution, the missing piece that opens us up to the possibilities of this new age is bringing our body and soul together--consciously and permanently. We need to start here."</p>

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