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  • Penny Sun
    Penny Sun wrote:

    Hello, I am Penny, a professional TCSL teacher.My undergraduate major is Mass Communication and I am a better communicator now because of the courses I have learnt.

    I had the opportunity to attend a study tour in the Cambridge University in UK. This kind of experience gives me a fuller understanding of the western culture, the teaching methods and the thinking habits as well.

    Therefore, I can combine my major with my experience to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and all these will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

    Besides, I have received the professional training (including teaching methods and teaching plan designs, etc.) in IMPCI certification center in Beijing and obtained the TCSL qualification certificate authorized by IMPCI and the Edexcel professional TCSL qualification of Britain.

    As a professional TCSL teacher now, I can teach students in different Chinese level and my main teaching content includes:

    Daily Communication ChineseTraining HSK TestChinese Culture & CustomsBusiness Chinese & Business Etiquette

    I will make different study plans for different learners to improve your Chinese in an easier and more enjoyable way.If you are interested in learning Chinese, please do not hesitate and email me for further details of the course and any other questions: penny.sww@qq.comalt text

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