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  • joe
    joe wrote:
    <p>Lance Armstrong. I've been reading about his little affair over the weekend. What is going on with this guy?</p> <p>It's become evident that he's been on dope. It has yet to be determined what type of dope exactly it was. Apparent;y it has been one of the forbidden types, as he's been stripped of his victories. They wouldn't do that if they didn't find anything serious.</p> <p>Meanwhile, LA refuses to participate in further investigation, claiming he's had enough of the witch hunt. </p> <p>Now, what is going on here? Is he being demonized by unruly figures, for some other purpose? Did he really take all that dope, and cheat everyone, and is it right to strip him of his victories?</p> <p>Another person suggested that he faked his cancer and consecutive battle against it, just to have a cover for building up physical strength through "illegal" means. When I read that I thought "wow, that's far out", but.. as long as the guy refuses to talk or collaborate, it could be possible? Why would he not want to collaborate, while the entire world knows that he's guilty? What's going on here?</p>
  • Alex ^∞
    Alex ^∞ wrote:

    Ill tell you whats going on....

    It is an "open secret" among sporting professionals all over the world that the only thing that matters about doping is WHETHER OR NOT YOU GET CAUGHT. IF YOU DO NOT GET CAUGHT, YOU DIDNT BREAK ANY RULES.

    Thus, Lance Armstrong is pissed off that people have been calling him a cheat, despite not being CAUGHT. He knows that this contravenes the 'etiquette' of sport and feels like he is being picked on (which may be the case).

    However, the point is that he has been doping. Obviously. He was just pissed at the amount of "undue" attention he got over it. MANY MANY sporting "greats" use performance enhancing drugs. It is as simple as that. Part of the "sport" of "sport" now, part of the "science" of "sport science", part of the challenge in "international challenges" is AVOIDING BEING CAUGHT DOPING. Its all just part of the game (sport?).

    In a few years time this is going to be blown wiiiiiide open, some sports will allow "drugs" and others will not. Eventually, all sports will be forced to allow "drugs" because there is no way, NO WAY to prevent all participants from doping in some way. I am not exaggerating. The public has no real idea about this, sporting associations keep it under wraps, but everyone, EVERYONE whos job is sport knows that around 60% or so of pro athletes are on performance enhancing drugs.

    Just another evil come as part of mankind's progression.

    /rant end.

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