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  • Penny Sun
    Penny Sun wrote:

    Hi Every one.This is Penny (A professional and enthusiastic Chinese tutor)

    I am a extroverted, outgoing and optimistic person. I studied in Cambridge, UK for one year. That makes me know more about western culture and turns me more international.

    I was trained and certificated by IMCPI (International mandarin Chinese promotion institute).These was also authorized by Edexcel UK. I will assist you learning Chinese as far as I can with my professional teaching skills and experience. Chinese is normally thought as a difficult language for most foreigners. However, as a certified IMCPI professional teacher, I promise that you can learn Chinese with happiness.

    The Chinese course will be tailored for you according to your situation. All level Chinese learners are accepted. The content of my Chinese course including:

    Survival Chinese

    HSK examination preparation

    Business Chinese

    Chinese culture and Chinese custom

    Business Chinese etiquette

    Therefore, if you want to learn Chinese, please contact me by the email:suun1009@hotmail.com or 185127748@qq.com

    We can discuss more details about your Chinese lessons.

  • Katie
    Katie wrote:

    Cambridge students are wise, aren't they?!

  • Katie
    Katie wrote:

    Looks like it...

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