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    joe wrote:
    <p>"The briskness of living leaves one breathless in the pursuit of the true purpose for incarnating. We are often questioned on the "why" of one's existence in a particular life process while the true desire of the soul appears to have been left behind or misplaced.</p> <pre><code> There is great sorrow when one feels they have lost their way. Whispers of the path sometimes echo in the mind but the chaos of daily living and survival suppress the opportunity for clarity. We have spoken to many of the frustrated individuals seeking "to right" the seemingly wrong turns of their life processes. For the soul to blossom in a linear life there is need for focus and reflection without the interference of drama. We feel the tenseness in your energy as you read this. The voice in your head immediately lists many reasons for the disconnect you feel from the world of the eternal. Your work, relationship, children, family, etc. all have priority in the immediate moment for your attention. There seems nothing left, and you are correct. The soul needs nurturing more than any other element in your life. Everything else will eventually suffer without a solid connection to your soul and yourself. Yes, others have need of you but without your inner soul's energy they will be unfulfilled. You have to have it to give it in other words. Time for the soul is the best path to fixing the misaligned life you feel dissatisfied with. So what does one do to reconnect with the soul? Give it time &amp; attention so that it may communicate with you as intended when you decided upon a physical life. Begin by taking some moments in your morning and before you retire to clear your mind of all the dramas of the day. Give yourself permission to be still and tell others that you are meeting with your soul. Begin slowly &amp; realistically. Be comfortable in those moments but most of all seek yourself, you know the one. The one you never have time for... your soul. Attempt the process. You may be surprised at the results" </code></pre>

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