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    <p>Individualized personal training is a personal training solution created by myself YMMA.</p> <p>Here is some background information:</p> <p>I am a 23 year old fitness model and qualified American personal trainer. I believe I have the knowledge and expertise to guide those who are interested in health/fitness solutions here in Beijing I can work with both men and women and cater to any health/fitness goal.</p> <p>Complementary services: Consultation, Individualized Nutrition/Diet plan, and supplemental advice. At the consultation a hard copy of reference materials will be provided to the client, equipment orientation will be given, and a free for all Q&amp;A will be held.</p> <p>Costs: *is based off the amount of sessions the client books in advance, the greater amount of sessions the greater amount of package discount. Please contact me for specific costs which are individualized based off the clients demands and concerns.</p> <p>Transportation Fees: * will be decided based off the distance and amount of sessions the client books. Package discounts will be given.</p> <p>I will provide every client with a unique training regimen and work my hardest to fulfill the clients needs. I am very passionate about this industry and look forward in helping others achieve their goals in the area of health/fitness.</p> <p>When replying to this ad, please provide your health concerns and then please help provide both short term and long term goals that we can work together in achieving. Additionally, please provide your timing preferences and all other details. Feel free to ask any questions as well.</p>

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