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  • Andrés
    Andrés wrote:
    <p>Hello, people!</p> <p>I'm in a big dilemma here, I'm moving to Beijing soon (in about two or three weeks) and I need a place to stay at least until april 2013. I need just a room, something inexpensive but at least comfortable.</p> <p>Do you guys know a place where I can find one? A directory, that friend of a friend that wanted to rent a room, or even yourselves? I've been trying to look on internet, but all I can find are complete apartments, and that's too much just for me.</p> <p>Or even, are any of you guys willing to let me crash at your place just for a couple of days? I promise I'm a very clean, quiet and nice guy!</p> <p>Cheers everybody!</p>
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    Thebeijinger.com, cityweekend.cn and beijing craigslist all have advertisements for housing.

    58.com and ganji.com can be kind of useful depending on your Chinese level and your patience.

    I would recommend checking the advertisements for seeking roommates on the Beijinger as it's relatively painless compared to the other methods.

    In terms of your post, you'll also get more advice if you give people an idea of what part of Beijing you are aiming for.

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  • Simen Wangberg

    Having twouble finding a womb in Beijing?

  • Morten Eriksen

    www.58.cm and www.ganji.com, both is good to looking for a room

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