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  • Ruoda
    Ruoda wrote:

    I just arrived in Beijing last night from a brutal 17 hours from NYC. I'll be here for 2 weeks visiting family, who moved here last year (I also came here last year for 2 weeks but didn't do much).

    I need to do work and would prefer to get out and see the city. Any good coffee spots or co-working spaces where there is free wi-fi? Ideally, I would be in a nice/fun area so I can walk around and check out the scenes when I'm taking breaks. If there are other expats roaming around, that would good, but also happy to be in an area where people consider it 'authentic' Beijing.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... you are ulikely to get any wifi signal, or at least, not very good one, if you go to 'authentic' part of Beijing ... also, if you are moving around a bit, as you are likely to go sightseeing, you will lose the signal ...

    If you are visiting, maybe you can borrow a local SIM card, perhaps a 2G one, with a fair amount of MB on the card or plan?

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... Monkey, did you hear that from "owner of WLIB" too?

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    At the risk of actually giving useful suggestions:

    I've you're around the Lido area, I'd recommend the Maan Coffee on Jiangtai Xilu.

    I haven't really found any decent coffee shops in the Shuangjing area. All the ones there pissed me off in some way, and I'd end up walking in the three-storey Starbucks in Jianwai Soho, Guomao.

    In Wudaokou, I've recently become a huge fan of the Bridge, though it is an incredibly popular coffee shop and as such, you get more than the average number of irritating and loud customers.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Every starbucks. . . . Turn on your proxy, open google maps, and search for one nearby. The one at sanlitun will do the job if you're looking for foreign people, and it's quite trendy for younger shoppers. There are also a couple of Sculpting in Time on the west side of the city (weigongcun, wudaokou) if that's where you are.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    His Beardly Weirdness' Guide to Beijing WiFi Cafes, for losers:

    Finding a place to plug in your laptop can be as much of a pain, and for that reason I strongly suggest you stay away from the Starbucks in the Village at Sanlitun, as it's got very limited seating. It's very busy.

    S.I.T. burns coffee. However, they will never kick you out or compel you to order something for taking up a seat.

    Wudaokou does not deserve the Bridge. Thanks to that place, Illy coffee has become the standard by which I judge all coffee. It's like that one time you jacked off on ecstasy. It'll never quite be that good ever again. Consequences will never be the same.

    In the Nanluoguxiang area, Xiao Xin's cafe is just okay. I haven't been in there so much this summer. I'm sure there are better options.

    I don't think any of these places are ideal for getting work done, however. Yes. This is just occurring to me now, because I'm a bum. But anyway. Getting work done is not what coffee or cafes are for in China. They are for preening in front of your MacBook and pretending you're writing something of consequence, or meeting a Chinese girl who will fuck you on the first date but is too traditional for beer and cigarettes.

  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:

    i suggest some place which next subway station 1-Yonganli station C , there is a bread shop Holiland , second floor is a coffee shop , dont have much ppl ,wifi fast ,nice seat

    2-Wudaokou /Guomao Tous Lesjours, wifi good too , There are lots students in Wudaokou Guomao Tous Lesjours not bad too . around business center

    3-Dongzhimen --C exit This is most i want recommend ,the wifi so fast , price is ok , very quiet place ,but is hard to find . called NEW COFFEE,behind YinZuo shopping mall

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