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  • Calvin
    Calvin wrote:
    <p>I beg broda and sisters of dis forum, na wetin make we Chinese brodas and sisters tink say white man no get accent? dem tink say na only black man get accent? ------------- I beg na how we go take correct this bad face abi na impression I go kall-am. </p> <p>The think dey vex me no be small; na so one woman wok into my shop a few days ago, hnmm na so she hala hala,.. Amirika this, Amirika that.. accent this accent dat; I wan take angry look thro-way her from 5th floor.</p>
  • Jay
    Jay wrote:

    @Iris, whats up with the endless irrelevant pics? Dont u think its a little annoying and pretty immature ? If you cant contribute to a thread ,just stay away and stop pasting all the pics...........damn the site is already a mess as it is

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Calvin, what's wrong with having an accent? Anyway, I doubt this has much to do with white and black men, and more to do with what accent the people speak with. I haven't heard anyone comment that my black American friends speak with an accent. Are you suggesting that pidgin variants of English should be considered correct English, just as OZ, NZ, US, and CA variants are, despite British English being the only correct English? My guess would be that pidgin English is too different from any of the generally accepted variants to be considered true English. Anyway, the English that people are exposed to here is almost exclusively from American and British media, so that's what people will perceive as English.

  • Schokoschoko
    Schokoschoko wrote:

    Everybody has more or less some kind of accent. That doesn't have much to do with white or black, but rather where you grow up.

    And you thought many Chineses think white men don't have accent? I think that's because many foreigners who've been living in China for some while have recognized that if they don't try to speak more clearly and slow down the speed, they won't get themselves understood. So they've changed the way they speak when they speak to Chinese. And some people have accents which are quite easy to follow, e.g. Germans, Scandinavian people, Hollanders etc. and this in many Chinese opinions equals no accent. I used to talk to an African American who grew up in NY, no problem at all for me to understand him.

    I guess when you try speaking more clearly next time, they won't complain about your accent. It's same like, when we talk with accents which for you difficult to understand, you'll also complain. Really, that has nothing to do with your skin colour but rather the place you grow up.

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