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  • Colin Friedman
    Colin Friedman wrote:
    <p>Names are often all important and despite the fact that we all know that we should not judge a book by its cover we all tend to do.</p> <p>This is even truer with the email titles.</p> <p>Your help is hereby requested in helping us find the perfect email subject line and perfect event title. Free entrance to any events that carry the winnig handel will be awarded to the person who caputerd the ideal name.</p> <p>Facts:</p> <p>The evening is a social networking evening for the creative industries. We have coined the acronyms FAME and PRAMS. That is to say we have divided the creative industries into two segments the front-line productive segment (Fashion, Arts, Media, Entertainment) and the support segments (Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Sales).</p> <p>Now we need your help to create the email subject line and event name that will create a buzz.</p> <p>We have used FAME meets PRAMS but that only works for people who already understand the meaning.</p> <p>We have used A Social Networking Evening for the Creative Industries</p> <p>We want something fresh.</p> <p>So, suggestions please. Help us rename this event .... http://fcgroup.org/2012/07/04/july-17-tues-a-creative-luxury-social-networking-evening/</p>

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