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  • 威辣
    威辣 wrote:

    I am currently in the process of setting up my own games company which will have joint development: The programming and design will be done in the US which I already started up an LLC in Delaware, but I want the art work and animation done here in Beijing in Wudaokou.

    I do not exactly want to directly invest into China by setting up a China division but I also do not want to use an outsource studio. What my plan is to give my business partner the money to either start one of two options:

    1. She would start a company as an individual and take 100% liability: But my questions are what are exactly the Tax and liabilities entail?
    2. A Chinese LLC which would require me to make an investment of 100 thousand RMB to prove that there is enough money to found this corporation.

    But essentially all I want is an office where I can have my friend manage the 2D/3D artists, UI artist, and special effects guy. Thats it, and I would have them send the art resources back to the US.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    I think WOFE is very expensive, maybe 50,000 USD, and it requires that you put your office in an overpriced office park instead of shitty Beijing real-estate at reasonable prices. I don't even think many people do WOFE, on account of the tax disadvantages. We used to do major business here from a small rep office, which was much simpler, although there is the minor problem of not being able to hire anyone.[br] If you have a partner who you trust with all your money, I would go ahead and give her the money to invest and pretend it's not foreign investment. As Lee said, you'll have no legal protection, of course.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Dan Harris on Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises.[br]

    It looks like at least Shanghai has lowered the requirement to 150,000 RMB, and does not require it up front. Lee how did you do it with less than $10k registered capital?

    Anyway, I maintain that Petey just shouldn't do it.

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