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  • Wicked Witch
    Wicked Witch wrote:

    a week without a change of clothes, but be able to bathe?

  • Ecce Marce
    Ecce Marce wrote:

    I was wondering what a potential sex partner would wish.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... pondering in my head

    No, he is not the spammer, no, he could not be the spammer ...

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Well, not taking shower for a weak, I don't know how I can even get a sleep.By the way, which season are we talking about here? Imagine in this hot summer, not having a shower for week, how you one stinks regardless of the perfume and deodorants one can wear?

    And also, men's body seems to be different from that of lady. I don't know what the intensity of the stink from a man and lady would be. I hope someone might help me out here.

    What would happen, if u, a lady got a request for bedminton the last day of that long week? Would you be ready for sexercise?

    By the way, where has Godfather gone?

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    @Wicked Witch of the East

    HP I assume you would take showers for a week and wear the same cloths?

    Wrong assumption. It's just uncomfortably dirty to now have a shower and wearing the same cloths for a week.

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