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    <p><strong>2012 CHINESE CLASS FOR SUMMER VACATION</strong> Mandarin-Connections From 15,JUL to 29,JUL ( 15days) </p> <p>TARGET: Students who know 200 characters.</p> <p>SCHEDULE 9:00-12:00 Chinese (Experienced teacher to teach real mandarin) 11:00-12:00 Chinese oral practice(Practice mandarin according to the study contents) 12:00-14:00 Lunch&amp;break 14:00-15:00 Chinese oral practice(Practice speaking in meaningful and fun contexts.) 15:00-17:00 Culture class(Calligraphy, Paper-cut,Chinese chess, etc.)</p> <p>FEE Course Fee:60hours<em>50rmb/h=3000 RMB Lanch Fee:25rmb</em>15days=425 RMB(no discount) Culture Class:30hours*30rmb/h=900 RMB</p> <p>※NOTE:<br /> 1. Participants will be entitled to a discount of 15% on total fee if register before JUN 30, a discount of 10% if register before JUL 10. 2. You have the option to join in Culture Class or have Lunch at school. 3. Minimum number of participants for a Class:4 4.The class starts at Shunyi CAMPUS.</p> <p>Welcome to consult and visit! Shunyi CAMPUS:Gahood Villa D2065, Hou Sha Yu, Shunyi District, Beijing<br /> Tel: 86-(0)10-58205090 86-(0)10-80462765 E-Mail: info@chinamcedu.com </p>

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