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    <p>"... When your body and mind are working together then the relationship between the two goes smoothly, and their natural therapeutic systems place you in a state of health and grace. [I told you earlier that] your feelings follow the flow of your beliefs, and if this does not seem true to you it is because you are not aware of the contents of your conscious mind. You can close your physical eyes. You can close the eyes of your conscious mind also, and pretend not to see what is there. It is because you do not trust your own basic therapeutic nature, or really understand the conscious or unconscious mind, that you run to so many therapies that originate from without the self.</p> <p>It seems that technologies and inventions have done a lot of harm, and so they have. On the other hand technology brings within your reach the great therapy of music; this activates the inner living cells of your body, stimulates the energy of the inner self and helps to unite the conscious mind with the other portions of your being.</p> <p>Music is an exterior representation, and an excellent one, of the life-giving inner sounds that act therapeutically within your body all the time. The music is a conscious reminder of those deep inner rhythms, both of sound and of motion. Listening to music that you like will often bring images into your mind that show you your conscious beliefs in different form.</p> <p>The natural healing of sound can happen also when you do such a simple thing as listen to the rain. You do not need drugs, hypnotism or even meditation. You only need to allow and direct the freedom of your conscious mind. Left alone, it will flow through thoughts and images that provide their own therapy.</p> <p>You often avoid this natural treatment, however, and run from frightening conscious thoughts that would in their turn lead you to the source of "negative" beliefs, where they could be faced; you could then travel through them, so to speak, into feelings of joy and victory. Instead for example, many of you accept the way of drugs, where such feelings and thoughts are thrust upon you, or forced out of you while you are denied the stabilizing comforts of the conscious mind."</p> <p>"The nature of personal reality" -- Seth/Jane Roberts (First printing; Chapter 10, page 186)</p>

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